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IFFR - overview@2xIFFR - overview@2x

A festival of such large proportions and diversity requires  a perfect navigation. From finding films that suit your liking to buying tickets and creating your own schedule; it was IN10’s job to ensure every visitor enjoyed the festival optimally. Redesigning the digital festival experience wasn't just good for the looks: overall conversion grew 41% compared to the previous year, over 14.000 films were saved as favorite on the new site, 57.000 films were added to personal calendars, over 20.000 people used the First Aid Film Selector and 16.000 people used the personal planner tool. 

Agency: IN10 
Year: 2017
Role: Interaction Designer
Awards: 🏆1 Webby Honoree, 🏆1 Awwwards Honorable Mention

→ Interaction Design 
→ Flow for ticketing and MyIFFR
→ Usertesting 

Details of the process

Mapping results of usertesting

Design system of program thumbs

Desktop and mobile view of program overview

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