Anne Frank House

The impact of Anne Frank's life story 

Anne Frank Stichting- overview@2xAnne Frank Stichting- overview@2x

The main goal of the platform is to bring Anne Frank's life story to the attention of the world in an impactful way by reflecting on the dangers of anti-semitism, racism and discrimination and the importance of freedom, equal rights and democracy.  

On the website, coherence is made between presentation and content. Digital contact with the Anne Frank House results in a seamless experience with a museum visit. The website offers the opportunity to have a meaningful experience with the life story and work of Anne Frank. Visitors are challenged to reflect on the history and are stimulated to discover the collections and information that the Anne Frank House has to offer. In addition, a website visit increases a widespread knowledge and understanding of the dangers of prejudice, discrimination, racism and anti-semitism.

Agency: IN10 
Year: 2018
Role: Interaction Designer
🏆3x Gold Webby Awards, 1x Gold Dutch Interactive Award

→ Information Architecture 
→ Interaction Design 
→ Design System
→ Usertesting

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